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About the Artist
     My name is Moraima Tinajero.  I learned that I was granted with a gift of drawing when I was only 8 years old.  Through the years my gift has matured with me.  I took great interest in art during my junior high and high school years.  I focused in drawing, pottery, as well as in the school art club.  Though this education was not of the professional level, it opened a door to my abilities and advanced me into perfectng my techniques. I have learned however, that there is always a way to improve techniques and try new media.  I have found that my level of comfort is in that of pencil, charcoal, and pastels. 
     Through my life, I became aquainted with animals and really loved their expressions and personality. These little souls nutured my life in ways I never thought an animal could.  I fell in love with the unconditional love and affection they can give to a person.  So strong was this love that I enrolled in The Professional Career Developement Institute of Atlanta, GA and achieved certification in 1998 as an Animal Care Specialist.  From 1999 through 2010 I worked in San Antonio, TX in day time animal practices and in an animal emergency hospital where I further dedicated my love for animals in their time of need and healing.  This opened an avenue of people through all facets of life.  Through their eyes I entered into their lives; understanding their pain, desperation, and deep love as I read the story their eyes told.  It is through Angel of Mercy Animal Critical Care in San Antonio, TX where I learned how humans can come together in times of need and desperation and through which I deeper understood that human-animal bond.  I witnessed many happy endings but also many tears as some of our clients lost their beloved family member. 
     I  then began offering my services as an artist capturing their pets unique personality through my art.  Giving them that special gift of healing by immortilizing the memory of their pets.  I am truly blessed to have been part of all those lives (and the wonderful co-workers that became my family) that touched my heart and forever became part of mine.
"Thank you Dr. Deborah Ridder for giving me that opportunity to serve in your hospital and believing in me."
"Dr. Edmund Meier..thank you for encouraging, supporting my talent and intrducing me to my first clients.  I appreciate all your help."
      People also possessed great challenges that intrigued my curiosity.  Capturing their individual qualities through their expressions and body language became one of my strong accomplishments. Intrigued by my abilities, I enrolled through The Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis, MN where I further learned different techniques and the use of all media. I was the recipient of their prestigious "Blue Ribbon Art Award".
   Through hard work and perseverance I have improved my skills (which continue to improve and mature with me) to become the artist I am today. I put my heart and soul into every portrait as to ensure your loved ones unique personality comes through in a realistic true-to-life creation. I truly beleve that "our eyes are the windows to our soul." 
    That is what I try to embrace in each portrait and that is how...Captured Soul was born.
   Captured Soul is based on the belief that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service and create with you a unique way of capturing the essence of a loved one through my portraits. 
Contact phone: 830 213-5727
Location: Eagle Pass,Tx
 PAYPAL is available and all Major credit cards are accepted!!
Our Products:
***These are my current prices and sizes.  I can make other sizes but additional prices may be added. For more than 3 individuals/views on a composition in a collage or collective, i do require the minimum size of 18x24. 
Please contact me for arrangements on other sizes.  A deposit of half the total cost is required before i can begin any composition.***
Composition with 1view (person/pet ):
  • 11x14.......................$180
  • 18x24........................$216
***one view of a single person or pet can be a bust portrait or of the whole individual as shown below***
Bust PortraitBust PortraitWhole body
Whole bodyHead or face Head or face
Composition with 2 views(people/pets):
  • 11x14.......................$250
  • 18x24.......................$300
***can be a collective of a single person/pet (different views) can be a bust, head or face portrait of 2 people or pets or  combination of as shown below***
2 views2 views2 views Head or face
2 views Head or face2 views whole body2 views Bust and face
Composition with 3 views (people/pets):
  • 18x24........................$390
***can be a collective of a single person/pet (different views) can be a bust, head or face portrait of 3 people or pets or combination of as shown below***
Gift Certificates are now available!!!
Thank you for visiting my website...any payments can be done through paypal or money order.  I do have a layaway plan if you need financial assistance...please contact me for payment arrangements.
"Our loved pets become one with our souls, an extension of the best in us, and an eternal imprint in our minds for rest of lives"......Moraima Tinajero
In memory of those that watch over us and that I had the honor to have been part of their unconditional love and affection...
            You are deeply missed
Kwik Meier
Kwik Meier
Snowball "Papa" Tinajero
Snowball "Papa" Tinajero
Shadow Tinajero
Shadow Tinajero
Tiffany Tinajero
Tiffany Tinajero
Doobie Tinajero
Doobie Tinajero
Pudge Wicks
Pudge Wicks
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